10 Best Day Trading Prop Firms


Day trading can be a super-exciting way to make money. It doesn't take long to get into the game, but finding the right day trading prop firm to make it all happen? That’s the challenge, right?!


And that, my friends, is where this article comes into play. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top ten day trading prop firms. So take it in and, of course, still do your own research. None of this is financial advice.


With that said, let’s get started.



1. SurgeTrader


Numero uno is SurgeTrader, a legit. leading day trading prop firm. SurgeTrader is a top-tier provider for traders of all skill levels.


They offer the industry’s highest quality training, mentor resources, and educational materials. The reason SurgeTrader appeals to fine-tuned professional traders and those just getting started in the game is because they have unbeatable capital assistance, unlimited coaching, and direct market access.


The prop firm’s fully-managed portfolio services include day trading resources & advice, research & education, access to up-to-date news, streaming quotes, and access to a wide selection of real-time and delayed market data.


SurgeTrader stands out among the competition by providing free trade tools, such as fully customizable views of streaming quotes and market news & tools, as well as providing research ideas and market insights.


The company also provides multiple account access, so traders can take advantage of portfolio diversification to capture maximum profit potential. And with the latest technologies, including built-in trailing stops, multi-broker account linking, and fast execution, traders can confidently stay ahead of the curve.


And to top it all off, SurgeTrader’s customer service is second to none. Their customer support team is knowledgeable and always available for any questions or concerns traders might have.


SurgeTrader is the perfect place for day traders of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for an outstanding trading experience, SurgeTrader is the perfect place for you. They’ve strongly solidified themselves at our #1 spot.



2. Topstep


Topstep is a day trading prop firm that has earned the #2 spot in our top ten list of the best day trading prop firms. The company was founded by Michael Patak in 2011 and they have been helping traders become more successful ever since.


Topstep has created a novel assessment system that allows traders to access the company’s complementary trading platform. Traders are required to pass an extensive review process, which consists of a skills assessment, an interview and a capital contribution. The assessment process is designed to ensure that traders who are seeking to benefit from Topstep’s services all meet specific prerequisites and can handle the risk associated with trading in today’s markets. In other words, they need to pass the “eye of the tiger” test.


By passing the assessment, traders can access Topstep's proprietary technology, which includes their platform, tools, and automated trading strategies. The platform is accessible from any device, allowing traders to stay connected to the markets wherever they are.


The cutting-edge technology uses AI (artificial intelligence) to find potential trading opportunities in the market and provides a customized portfolio that is tailored to meet the needs of traders. Topstep also offers algorithmic trading and desk visits with professional traders who provide an additional layer of support and guidance. Lots of support, y’all.  A great foundation for success.


Topstep also provides mucho educational resources to assist traders in sharpening their trading knowledge and developing successful trading strategies. Through educational webinars, trading competitions, and a dedicated YouTube channel, Topstep offers a wide range of educational material designed to help traders become consistently profitable.


Topstep is a great option for traders looking for a prop trading firm that can offer the tools and resources needed to accelerate their success. They offer a rigorous assessment process and killer technology, as well as a supportive community with access to education and experienced traders. Everything you need. Topstep at the #2 spot.


3. The Funded Trader


The Funded Trader is an innovative day trading prop firm that deserves to make the #3 slot on our list This firm provides resources to both experienced and aspiring traders. The Funded Trader was created in 2020 by industry pros, led by Angelo Ciaramello, and backed by a network of over 2,000 global traders.


The Funded Trader stands out from the competition for its advanced proprietary tech, which features market intelligence, algorithmic trading models, and a new training system. Market intelligence provides instant risk analysis and real-time alerts about trading opportunities, allowing traders to make fast, informed decisions. Algorithmic trading models can be tailored to a trader’s preferences & goals, and continuously adapt to changing markets. The training system combines one-on-one coaching with online classes and video tutorials to ensure traders can reach their peak performance.


The Funded Trader also offers traders access to a wide variety of trade products, including stocks, options, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. In addition, the firm has a unique proprietary platform that is designed to help traders find the best trading opportunities, optimize performance, and manage multiple trading accounts. In order to help traders maximize their profits, The Funded Trader also provides analysis, reporting, and margin assistance.


On top of all this, The Funded Trader  strongly advocates for pro-trader protections through lobbying and industry advocacy. The firm has firmly cemented its place in the day trading business by providing world-class services to both novice and skilled traders. When they say they’ve got your back, from what I can find, this is legit. So it’s no wonder The Funded Trader makes comes in at #3 on our list of the “10 Best Day Trading Prop Firms.”



4. My Forex Funds


#4! My Forex Funds is a super-strong day trading prop firm that offers its clients access to a fully interactive and personalized trading system. Through their unique platform, traders can access various forex markets in real time, with access to advanced analytics, news, and data. My Forex Funds provides access to a wide array of forex products, including (but not limited to) the world's major currencies, as well as commodities and metals.


The firm’s platform utilizes some of the best technology you’ll find…plus automation to ensure clients get the best of accuracy and precision from their trading experience. Additionally, My Forex Funds also offers very specific trading strategies, such as its Momentum Trade System, as well as its Pure Momentum System. Both are designed to maximize profits while minimizing risks. And this has served them well, esp. when recruiting for their firm.


Their platform also provides traders with powerful tools such as highly customizable charts and full-featured technical analysis that can help traders spot potential market opportunities. The firm boasts tight spreads, financial safety protections, and, of course, an awesome group of dedicated customer support staff members.


Thanks to their team of seasoned trading professionals, My Forex Funds has earned itself the #4 spot in our list. Their cutting-edge trading platform, powerful tools, and fully featured analytics make them a great choice for those who want to access the world's major currencies and reap the rewards of day trading. What's more, with their commitment to financial safety and customer service, My Forex Funds makes an ideal choice for anyone looking to become a successful day trader. Get it!



5. FundedTradingPlus


FundedTradingPlus is a top-ranked day trading prop firm. And, of the many excellent options out there, it has earned the #5 spot in our ranking of the 10 best day trading prop firms. Here’s why…


FundedTradingPlus is relatively new; they operate on a unique funding model. It is one in which traders receive a percentage of profits from each successful trade. This percentage depends on the trader's performance, but it can range from 5% to 50% (and, sometimes, even more) of the profits. The amount of funding available depends on the trader's performance in a virtual simulation trading environment, which is essential.


FundedTradingPlus offers a wide range of strategies and strategies-in-development, which are tested and perfected in their virtual trading environment, and traders get access to comprehensive data to help them make intelligent, well-researched trading decisions.


Monthly setups that track past performance and show expectations for upcoming opportunities represent one of the most sought-after benefits from FundedTradingPlus. This service helps traders make the most of their time, using data-driven insight to accurately predict trends and scenarios.


Traders have access to tools such as awesome charting and custom-built scripts that give them the edge in trading and allow them to maximize returns.


The team at FundedTradingPlus is highly experienced, very knowledgeable, and is always available to answer questions and help traders get the most out of their trades. Professional market analysis, ongoing education & training, and ongoing market monitoring by their experienced analysts are all additional benefits offered from FundedTradingPlus.


All in all, FundedTradingPlus is one of the best options for those looking to become professional, full-time day traders. It has fantastic services, overall; great support; and high performance. #5: FundedTradingPlus!



6. Apex Trader Funding


Apex Trader Funding, a registered member of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is our #6 best day trading prop firm on the market today. Offering a comprehensive suite of trading services, Apex Trader Funding provides access to low-cost execution, best-in-class risk management, transparency, and best-of-the-best technology.


Apex Trader Funding stands out from the competition with its low commission & fees structure and high availability of liquidity options. Tight spreads and fast order executions let traders make optimal decisions and maximize profit potential.


Apex Trader Funding also offers a wide range of mobile trading applications & platforms and supports multiple currency pairs, stocks, futures, and options. The firm's platform is reliable, scalable, and easy to use, also offering traders great UI with their charting & analytics.


In addition to low and transparent commission rates, Apex Trader Funding prides itself on its knowledgeable and helpful support staff. The firm’s support team is available 24 hours a day, five days a week, and is happy to offer personalized advice and trading tips, to boot! (Okay!) Apex Trader Funding also invests heavily in educational materials, providing traders with the tools they need to make informed decisions and become successful traders.


Apex Trader Funding routinely exceeds the expectations of its customers by delivering the best possible trading experience. From the well-built trading platform to the giga-brained support team, everything about Apex Trader Funding is designed to make day trading easier, more profitable, and more enjoyable. And that, ladies and gents, is why Apex Trader Funding has earned a spot on this list, comin’ in hot! #6 on your roster, #1 in your heart: Apex Trader Funding.



7. Elite Trader Funding


Seven! Elite Trader Funding is a brilliant option for aspiring day traders. Far from the noise and bustle of the stock market, Elite Trader Funding offers funded traders a unique opportunity to trade in a solid and structured, target-rich environment.


Not many folks know about Elite Trader Funding, but we are excited to share with you why it has made it to the “lucky #7” position on our 10 best day trading prop firms list.


Elite Trader Funding is a premier trading firm, certifying and funding traders with a minimum capital requirements and stipulations. Their goal is to help traders become more profitable and lower the bar to accessibility by providing them with capital, risk management, and, most importantly, wisdom & guidance.


To qualify, members must be pre-vetted and show a track record of consistent trading profits & sound trading principles, as well as pass a background check. (No criminals allowed, y’all.) Their certified traders are offered access to helpful proprietary tools, as well as unlimited support to help them improve their trading skills.


Elite Trader Funding also offers traders two basic options when it comes to capital: Capital Allocation and Dedicated Payment, including a competitive fee structure and perpetual potential for earning. (Boom.)


One of the unique features of Elite Trader Funding is Automated Portfolio Diversification. This feature provides traders the opportunity to diversify their account by utilizing four automated trading strategies. The strategies are based on fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management, and trader discipline.


In addition to the excellent features mentioned above, Elite Trader Funding also offers high-speed execution from multiple liquidity pools, as well as access to more than 60 global markets in real-time.


Ultimately, Elite Trader Funding is a smart choice for aspiring day traders. With its competitive fee structure, excellent tech features, and advanced support, Elite Trader Funding makes it easier for traders to access and succeed in trading the markets. Nice work, Elite Trader Funding. #7 on our list.



8. True Forex Funds


True Forex Funds (or, as it is more commonly known, TFF) is an exciting day trading prop firm that focuses on foreign exchange, or forex. The company has made the #8 spot in our list of the ten best day trading prop firms and it's easy to see why.


For starters, TFF is def. not your average day trading prop firm. The company's experienced team of traders leverage their expertise and extensive research to provide superior trade setups and a best-in-class  mentorship program. Those who work with TFF benefit from personalized service that allows for tailored educational opportunities and development in the field.


TFF also offers trading capital with terms geared toward clients who have a track record of success. The capital is provided with no strings attached and no minimum balance requirements. Access to risk management services is also available and exclusive to traders who use the firm’s services.


TFF’s trading platform is intuitive, secure, and reliable. Traders can access the platform with no operational or technical headaches. The platform allows traders to strive in a real-time environment and provides access to economic calendars and personalized charts. Everything you need (and more) to crush it.


The icing on the cake is that TFF also provides an impressive return on investment (ROI). Traders who work with the company benefit from up to 35× leverage, select spreads (i.e., as low as 0.1 pips), and low-risk management strategies. Over the past two years, TFF’s traders have generated an impressive 87.6% average ROI. (Insert rocket emoji here, ya know?!)


In short, True Forex Funds offers a straight-up winning package. Their experienced team of traders is backed by powerful tech and accessible risk management strategies that give traders the confidence to succeed in today's volatile market. For these reasons, TFF has earned the #8 spot in our list. Get it, TFF.





FTMO is a forward-thinking prop firm that offers traders a great way to transition from a Padawan-style beginner to a full-time Jedi trader. Founded back in 2015 by two University of Economics in Prague classmates (Otakar Šuffner and Marek Vašíček), the company has grown quickly, and today it is available in multiple countries.


FTMO provides a comprehensive suite of trading services, including a challenging two-step challenge. During the first step, FTMO gives beginners the chance to assess their own trading capabilities. This challenge typically takes a couple of weeks to complete, and winners are awarded with a capital investment as well as access to the FTMO Proprietary Platform.


The second step is focused on experienced traders and gives them the chance to pass the 18-month Trading Performance Evaluation. If successful, the trader then progresses to become a funded trader.


The company also offers risk management services, mentoring programs, and webinars to help new traders get up to speed quickly. Of course, there are also rewards and incentives for consistently profitable traders, on top of everything else.


All in all, FTMO is a great day trading prop firm, and it is well-deserving of the #9 spot in our "10 Best Day Trading Prop Firms" list. Its offerings makes it easy for beginner traders to transition from novice to professional, and its rewards & incentives make it a great option for even the most experienced traders. In the end, FTMO is a killer choice for day traders who want to make the most out of their experience. FTMO, comin’ in at #9!


10. Audacity Capital


Audacity Capital, aside from having the best name in the business, has carved out a space in the day trading scene as one of the top ten prop firms out there. Audacity Capital is a Honolulu-based firm founded wayyyyy back in 2012 (ha ha) by their founder: Erikan Obotetukudo. It has grown fast and now has offices in New York and London, tool.


The ethos at Audacity is to help its traders develop and reach their full potential through bountiful knowledge, resources, and a unique, competitive trading platform. It offers all the tools traders need to be successful, including customizable health checks, algorithms, real-time insight, and powerful analytics tools.


Audacity's aim is to keep trading fair & competitive for all of its clients, and it does this by focusing on the individual trader’s needs and objectives, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.


Audacity offers its traders the chance to receive rare insight into the markets and gives them the ability to apply a wealth of knowledge and experience to their trades. Furthermore, its traders benefit from access to a team of specialists with an in-depth understanding of the markets, giving them a head start to success…and all the support newbies tend to need.


In addition to its services for traders, Audacity encourages sign-ups from those with only a basic knowledge of trading. It also offers a money-back guarantee if traders are not satisfied with their performance on the platform.


Audacity Capital's leading-edge technology and commitment to its traders have established it as a competitor in day trading, particularly with its powerful trading platform and attentive customer service squad. So, regardless of you being completely green to the industry or a trained trading assassin, Audacity Capital is a more than solid choice.  Period. Audacity Cap, rounding out our list at #10!




Okay, y’all. It's time to take the plunge into the exciting world of day trading. But even the most experienced traders can use a hand, ya know?! That's where a day trading prop firm can come in handy.


Day trading prop firms are experienced experts in the stock market who offer their expertise and services to new and experienced traders. They provide access to sophisticated charts, brokerages, and strategies so traders do not have to reinvent the wheel just to succeed.


Today, there are hundreds of day trading prop firms out there. But which ones are the best? This list we have just outlined is an incredible place to start. As I mentioned at the outset, please do your own research. We are not providing you financial advice but, simply, our subjective opinion on the ten best firms out there, for everyone.


These top 10 firms come from all over the world, providing traders access to best-in-tech trading platforms, brokerage services, and helpful educational resources. They all offer their own unique style of trading that can appeal to individual traders, from those who are just dippin’ the toe and all the way to decades-long-experienced day traders.


The firms on our list prioritize success, above all else. After that, in no particular order, customer service, education, and accessibility to ensure all traders get the help they need, when they need it. They all offer a variety of trade strategy options and different services to cater to all the goals & objectives placed in front of traders.


Sooooo, are you ready?! If so, it is time to take the next step! We have included a multitude of day trading prop firms, so whatever your trading style is, there is certainly something here for you. Any of these firms can help give you the edge in the stock market, so take a look, and get ready to experience a whole new level of trading success. Salud!

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