How Gut Health Affects Your Whole Body

How Gut Health Affects Your Whole Body

They say muscles are made in the kitchen. And that’s absolutely true – except food does not only affect your bodybuilding journey. Nutritious food paves the way for better gut health, which affects your whole body.

Don’t sleep on your gut health – the benefits of maintaining a proper microbiota are endless. And here are just a few of them.


#1: Balancing your immune system

The right gut bacteria can help support the immune system. A better diversity of bacterial species sets the right balance between the “good” and the “bad” bacteria, making one more reluctant to various diseases and illnesses. 


A good microbiota plays a vital role in regulating the immune system to respond to threats to your health but does not attack healthy body tissue.


#2: Clearing up the brain fog

It’s more than a gut feeling! Your gut and brain are connected physically through millions of nerves. Therefore, your gut health may affect your behavior and emotion. Research shows that a diversity of bacteria in your gut may help treat stress-related and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism and hyperactivity. 


Many of us are familiar with mood swings, sluggish energy levels, and daily sleepiness. There’s an easy way to scare the drowsy feelings away and gain more clarity – getting rid of the buildup sitting inside your gut and re-building a healthy microbiota. 


Giving your gut a fresh start is easier than ever. There’s no need to replace your whole diet with raw or fermented foods – try a fiber supplement instead. It will take care of your gut while promoting regular bowel movements, making building a new foundation more effortless. 


A reliable fiber supplement that ticks the most boxes for different types of diets is ColonBroom. It’s compatible with keto and intermittent fasting, vegan-friendly, pregnancy-safe, sugar-free, and non-GMO, making it tailorable to many diets.


#3: Preventing heart disease

Although there are many ways to improve gut microbiota, an increase in fiber intake is remarkable for its benefits to our heart health. By consuming more fiber, you will protect your gut and lower your cholesterol levels at the same time. This means less buildup in your blood vessels and more effective heart functioning. 


Thanks to such benefits, you won’t only create a better environment for your body to function properly, but you will also take preventative measures against serious heart diseases.


#4: Managing weight 

An unhealthy gut allows obesity to step in, a condition that makes it way more challenging for a body to function to its full potential. 

The improper balance of gut bacteria may cause misleading signals from your brain when letting you know when you’re hungry or full. Appetite may be affected by one’s hormonal balance, set up by the pituitary gland. The mentioned gland affects the balance of gut bacteria, too.

Getting enough nutrients that help set the correct digestive system foundation make it easier to reach a sense of fullness earlier. For example, many fiber supplements act as appetite suppressants by boosting satiety. Therefore, weight loss becomes much smoother due to reduced portions and faster feelings of fullness. 


#5: Setting the right balance between the “good” and the “bad” bacteria

In one’s microbiome, the “good” bacteria aid digestion. However, that’s not their only role – they multiply just enough times to keep the “bad” bacteria in check and don’t have space to grow. 


The “bad” bacteria overgrowth in your microbiome does not go unnoticed and manifests itself in serious diseases, such as: 


  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 


To keep the right balance of bacteria in your gut, it is recommended to support your digestive system by introducing probiotics and prebiotics into your diet. Probiotics are in foods such as yogurt and sauerkraut. Prebiotics are in fiber supplements, as well as in foods such as whole grains, bananas, greens, onions, garlic, soybeans, and artichokes.


The Bottom Line

Drowsy feelings visit all of us at some point in our lives. Once you can’t precisely pinpoint the source of your sudden energy downfall, it’s time to trust your gut feeling and check it. 


Compromised gut health may cause many symptoms and become an early sign of various diseases. It affects your whole body. Therefore, it’s essential to give it the spotlight. Before it becomes a reason of concern, try your best to make it a good source of health benefits! 


A gut that’s taken care of will bring you numerous benefits such as effective weight management, better heart health, a robust immune system, mental clarity, and prevention of certain medical conditions. 


Introducing probiotic supplements may be an excellent way to start taking care of your gut – whether you’re just at the beginning of bettering it or have been nurturing it for years. To reap the best benefits, try including more fiber in your diet by incorporating such supplements as ColonBroom.


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