Kratom For Beginners

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If you’re new to kratom and wondering where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Kratom has been enjoyed in Southeast Asia for centuries, but many in the Western world are only just learning about its potential. Here we’ll break down what kratom is and how to buy it as an informed consumer.


Kratom 101

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably have at least a basic idea of what kratom is, so we’ll keep our overview brief:

  • Kratom is a relative of the coffee plant.
  • The real thing is grown exclusively in Southeast Asia.
  • Like many herbs, kratom is available in a variety of strains and cultivars, each of which has its own profile of effects.
  • Kratom is commonly sold in a variety of forms, including kratom powder, kratom capsules, and kratom extracts. Specialty products like kratom teas and kratom gummies are also available.


How to Shop for Kratom as a Beginner

There’s no “best” strain, vein, or delivery system. Everyone has their own preferences, and sometimes finding the right product requires a bit of trial of error. The following are among the most popular kratom varieties:


  • Maeng Da: Maeng Da is arguably the most popular kratom variety in the world. It’s widely considered the most premium and aromatic kratom on the market, and users love it for its uplifting effects.
  • White Borneo: Sourced from the unsullied jungles of Borneo, this variety offers a stimulating aroma and is popular among users seeking a morning boost.
  • Bali Kratom: When you’re looking to unwind at the end of a long day (or anytime at all), Bali Kratom doesn’t disappoint. Users love its unique balance of subtle relaxation and euphoric lift.


You may notice that many kratom varieties are also noted for their vein color: There is red vein, green vein, and white vein. For instance, when shopping for Sumatra Kratom, you’ll find Red Vein Sumatra, Green Vein Sumatra, and White Vein Sumatra. In general, white-vein varieties are more on the energizing side of the spectrum while red-vein varieties fall more on the relaxing side of the spectrum. Green-vein varieties are generally in between.


If you’re not sure where to begin, you might benefit from buying a variety pack. For instance, this beginner variety pack lets you try three of the most popular strains and decide for yourself which is best for you. It costs just a few dollars, and it will help you to make subsequent purchases as an informed consumer who knows what they like. You should check out our Kratora coupons before making any purchases at checkout.



How to Choose a Kratom Retailer


It’s not enough to know what type of product you want. It’s also important to be a discerning consumer. Kratom is still a largely unregulated industry, and not all kratom sellers are equally reputable. To ensure that you’re getting a legitimate, high-quality, and (most importantly) safe product, there are specific qualities you should look for in a kratom retailer:


  • Only buy from companies that subject their kratom products to 3rd-party lab testing. Your kratom retailer should work with a reputable lab that tests every product for yeasts, molds, bacterial contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals. In addition, a reputable lab should ensure that the alkaloid content is exactly as advertised in the product. Ask for a certificate of analysis.
  • Only buy from companies with a trusted reputation and an established track record. For instance, Kratora has been in business since 2013 and is one of the nation’s most trusted kratom suppliers. If you can’t find reviews, testimonials, or other background information for a given company, or if the company appears to have just sprung up overnight, be extremely cautious.
  • Look for companies that use organic farming practices. Real kratom is grown exclusively in Southeast Asia, in countries like Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Reputable kratom retailers will work closely with established farms in this region to procure kratom that’s organic, all-natural, and free of additives and contaminants.
  • Buy from companies that stand by their products. Ideally, any reputable retailer should offer at least a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can purchase with the utmost confidence.
  • Buy from companies that reward you for your loyalty. Once you start experiencing the benefits of kratom, you’re going to become a repeat customer. So buy from companies that give you the opportunity to save money as a result. Some retailers have kratom rewards program that helps you save money and even earn free products over time. For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn one point. You can also earn additional points and rewards for referring friends and for reviewing their products.


No matter which retailer you ultimately buy from, the most important thing is to do your homework.



Is Kratom Safe to Use?

One of the biggest concerns that newbies have about kratom is its safety. The important thing to know is that kratom is generally safe and well-tolerated when used responsibly. Kratom is a 100% natural botanical product that has been used for centuries. To ensure the best possible experience, though, it pays to follow a few important guidelines:


  • Only purchase kratom from reputable suppliers (as previously noted).
  • Make sure that your kratom is 3rd-party lab-tested and free of contaminants.
  • Always follow manufacturer recommendations; when using higher amounts, side effects may occur.
  • Listen to your body; if you notice any unwanted side effects cease use right away.


For beginners especially, it’s important to start by using a low amount until you gauge your specific reaction. Everyone responds to kratom a little differently, and kratom works best when the user understands the effects, uses it in moderation and has realistic expectations.



Should I Try Kratom?

If you’re curious about kratom, give it a try. Even if you decide it’s not for you, you should have a fruitful experience as long as you choose your supplier carefully and use it responsibly. And if you’re like most kratom users, you’ll soon find it to be a welcome addition to your regular routine.

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