About Us

In 2020, the pandemic caused unprecedented times and massive changes in the way people work, travel, shop, and more. With this in mind, Cyrus Partow founded ShipTheDeal.com to help provide shoppers value with savings on a wide variety of goods like supplements, fashion, eyewear, furniture, gifts, flowers, pet products, and many more.


Since creating ShipTheDeal, Cyrus has become an expert in shopping trends, behaviors, and habits working with thousands of merchants to promote their brands. When Cyrus isn’t working, he can be found surfing, hiking, training Jiujitsu, and being outdoors.


“ShipTheDeal aims to connect shoppers with the best deals from their favorite brands”


In addition to coupons and promo codes, ShipTheDeal offers a variety of referral codes for products and applications that don't offer coupons. Many new apps or services offer bonuses when you sign up using a referral code instead of a coupon. We partner with thousands of companies providing these referral codes to customers to help move the needle on conversions. Our referral codes are tested and verified daily. 


What Does ShipTheDeal Do?

ShipTheDeal differs from many online coupon providers because we focus on many niches that larger publishers like Honey or CapitalOne neglect. We look way beyond big box stores, offering coupons and promo codes from newer emerging brands. This includes a variety of niches like nutrition, finance, sporting goods, and many other niche verticals that look for exposure. Our services are free to use without signing up or having to give your information out. We are not an aggregator and don't use automated programs to scrape coupons. Our coupons are manually added by our staff. We review the validity of our codes daily. 

In addition to offering discount codes and coupons, ShipTheDeal has a team of product review specialists who compare products and give insights on what they’re best for. We provide pros and cons on some of the most researched products. Check out our Research page to learn more.


ShipTheDeal Demographics

36% Male

64% Female


Age              % Of Shopper Traffic 

25-34               27.7%

35-44               23%

18-24               22.4%

45-54               14%

55-64               8.2%

64+                  4.7%



Device Demographics

67% Mobile Shoppers

33% Desktop Shoppers


Location Demographics

71% USA

6% UK

4% CA

2% GE

2% AU


What are online coupons? 

Online coupons refer to a discount code or in some instances numerical value that can be redeemed on a website's checkout page. Like conventional in-store coupons, online coupons are used to bring in new and existing customers and increase the loyalty of new customers. Online coupons are much easier for shoppers to find as they can search coupon websites such as Shipthedeal.com to find discounts for their favorite stores. ShipTheDeal offers online coupons for over 15,000 stores. Most online coupons can't actually be used at brick-and-mortar stores. Many benefits to discounts at checkout include free shipping right to your door, seasonal discounts, and exclusive product deals. 


How do I sign up for ShipTheDeal to receive online coupons?

You have no obligation to sign up to use ShipTheDeal's coupons. Our website is free to use. All you have to do is search your favorite store or browse our trending deals and categories. If you would like to receive notifications of new sales, Black Friday offers, and holiday coupons you can sign up for our Newsletter for exclusive offers. We don't spam and we don't sell your information. 

If you have any suggestions or comments to make our site and service better, please send us comments via the contact us page. Keep in mind, we are a website that offers only referral codes, coupons, and discounts. We don't actually sell anything or ship anything directly to you. If you found our site and used a coupon but have a question about your order, please contact the merchant directly.


What are some of the most popular offers?

Some of our most popular offers can be found in our health categories, bike categories, finance categories, and coffee. We are consistently updating these categories with new merchants who offer seasonal coupons, Black Friday coupons, Cyber Monday coupons, Christmas coupons, summer deals, and more!