Best 5 LED Teeth Whitening Kits

LED teeth whitening has taken off in the past several years. Due to this fact, there have been a multitude of new companies entering the market. For that reason, it can be pretty difficult to sift through all of them and know how they differ so that you can choose the right LED teeth whitening kit for you! Right?! So, what we have done is an incredible amount of research into dozens of LED teeth whitening companies and come up with our best 5 LED teeth whitening kits, hopefully making your purchase decision a lot more confident and, thus, quite a bit easier.


So the way this is going to work is pretty simple. I give a brief synopsis of what the company is aiming to do with their LED teeth whitening kits and a few bullet points regarding their system. We are not in the business of dogging anyone out. All five of these companies are, in our opinion, the best of the best. That is, after all, how they made our list. Instead of direct comparisons, which is very difficult to do when they are all using the same LED tech, again, we will just highlight some bright spots (please forgive the pun, ha ha) from each, along with pricing, etc., etc. My guess is that one of these will resonate with you as you are reading (that is typically the way it works for most of our regular readers, we have found).


One last item of note, there are coupon codes for each of these five companies available to help you save even more money than the sales that may be going on at each of these companies at any given time. I will link those to the heading of each, so make sure you click on that link to get those coupon codes! We are talking about some pretty heavy discounts, y'all. And when you combine that with a Labor Day sale, a Black Friday sale, a Cyber Monday sale, and so on & so forth, the discounts can add up really quickly, for sure. So do not miss out on those.


With that, let's get those smiles popping off and get started with the our number one top dog!


1. SmileDirectClub



SmileDirectClub's LED teeth whitening kit is super premium, y'all. They boast their Wireless Whitening Light that is rechargeable and reusable. It contains their patented 20-LED light tech, which has a new treatment-size applicator pen. The pen comes with enough gel to last you an entire week. SmileDirectClub boasts a change in your smile brightness of up to nine shades brighter! And that is just in one week. They have made the entire process incredibly simple and convenient. Apply this process only twice per day (once in the a.m. and once in the p.m.) to get the brightest smile in your life in about half the time of some of SmileDirectClub's biggest competitors. And remember that, exactly the same as SmileDirectClub's orig. Premium Teeth Whitening Kit (the non-LED one), their gel formula is 100% safe to your teeth's enamel and low sensitivity. As they like to say, whiten without worry! With that, let's go over a few quick bullet points about the SmileDirectClub LED teeth whitening kit...


  • Starts whitening after only one use.
  • Up to nine shades whiter in just one week.
  • Takes only 10 min. per day (i.e., short wear time).
  • Uses the same enamel-safe form. used by dentists.
  • Low sensitivity to teeth, gums, etc.
  • Wireless Whitening Light is rechargeable and reusable.
  • The cost is approx. $45.00 before any sales or SmileDirectClub coupon codes are applied.
  • Free shipping for orders over $15.00.


2. Snow Teeth Whitening



Snow Teeth Whitening is a huge hit and has climbed to number two on our list.  With over 1,000,000 kits sold (and counting), Snow Teeth Whitening has been crushing it! They use an advanced dentist-formulated system that they tout whitens teeth faster than ever before. The results are quite stunning, as I look at some testimonials posted online. Snow Teeth Whitening offers a leveled-up professional teeth whitening experience, y'all. It has been carefully formulated to be super gentle on both your teeth and your gums. It is fully safe for your teeth's enamel.  This was all engineered by renowned leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Harris. So definitely a lot of clout right there, for sure. With that, let's go over a few quick bullet points about the Snow Teeth Whitening LED teeth whitening kit...


  • Everything is formulated by leading dentists.
  • Takes only seconds to set up and use, all at home, too!
  • There are literally thousands of glowing (please excuse the pun) five-star reviews.
  • As of some time in 2022, Snow Teeth Whitening held the highest-rated teeth whitening products, via the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot.
  • The cost is approx. $149.00 before any sales or Snow Teeth Whitening coupon codes are applied.
  • Free shipping for orders over $99.00.


3. Byte



Byte is awesome! And they are a newcomer to our list! With Byte professional teeth whitening, you will pay a great price for what you get. (It is pretty well aligned with Snow Teeth Whitening, actually.) But with their BrightByte Pro Teeth Whitening Kit exclusive LED teeth-whitening mouth tray, they are utilizing something pretty [expletive] rad: cold light technology. What is "cold light technology?" Well, that is for another blog post, I imagine (or for you to just Google or YouTube right now, ha ha.) But, the distilled-down super-basic answer is that cold light tech removes stains more safely and efficiently than many of Byte's competitors. At least that is what they are claiming, and, as I read all these amazing reviews, the people have spoken and are backing this up with personal testimonies! Just 10 minutes each day and you will see whiter teeth in as little as only three days. Awesome. With that, let's go over a few quick bullet points about the Byte LED teeth whitening kit...


  • Byte is perfect for teeth whitening maintenance or as prep for a special event in your life!
  • Their award-winning LED mouthpiece speeds up the brightening process dramatically.
  • You can actually plug Byte into your phone for on-the-go access and results with the whitening process!
  • Includes a gel to protect your teeth if you happen to have sensitive gums, teeth, etc.
  • The cost is approx. $199.00 before any sales or Byte coupon codes are applied.
  • Free shipping for all orders.


4. Auraglow



And the well-known and amazing Auroglow comes in at the number four spot! Auraglow is well known in the industry for having great pricing and excellent results in whitening your teeth! Their most powerful teeth whitening kit takes their professional-grade teeth gel (for sensitive gums and teeth) and combines it with their LED light tech that remarkable removes stains with just 30 minutes of use per day! In addition to this fantastic budget-friendly product, Auraglow has an extremely solid track record with customer support and consumer happiness and satisfaction (please, I encourage you to look into this; they have a passionate community, to say the least). Wonderful product, team, and reputation! With that, let's go over a few quick bullet points about the Auraglow LED teeth whitening kit...


  • Auraglow, unlike many of its competitors, is clinically proven to work.
  • They offer their LED teeth whitening kit to you for 30 days, risk free, if it does not fully satisfy you.
  • Whitens up to 10 shades whiter in approx. seven days.
  • It causes zero irritation or sensitivity to your teeth.
  • Needed use of only 30 minutes per day for maximum results!
  • The cost is approx. $80.00 before any sales or Auraglow coupon codes are applied.
  • Free shipping for all US orders.


5. HiSmile



Rounding out our top five list of the best LED teeth whitening kits is HiSmile! Another newcomer to our list, HiSmile has really carved out a spot for themselves in the oral healthcare arena. The biggest product they are selling right now, and for good reason, is their VIO405 Teeth Whitening Kit. They are using this VIO405 light tech in combination with their award-winning PAP+ formula. With these two forces coming together, HiSmile is promoting "the highest level of at-home whitening in just 10 minutes." Well, we will let you be the judge of that, but their reviews certainly back up that claim! Happy customers, whiter teeth, and five-star reviews for days, y'all! With that, let's go over a few quick bullet points about the HiSmile LED teeth whitening kit...


  • HiSmile's teeth whitening kit offers a professional grade of whitening in only ten minutes per day.
  • Zero gum irritation. Zero teeth irritation.
  • Zero post-whitening sensitivity.
  • HiSmile can yield whiter teeth in less time with their VIO405 LED light.
  • With their bonus PAP+ Primer, your teeth whitening results will be boosted even faster.
  • The cost is approx. $80.00 before any sales or HiSmile coupon codes are applied.
  • Free shipping for orders meeting HiSmile's min. threshold.


Each and every one of these five options would be a solid choice. I have personally used three of these (not going to say which three, ha ha) and all of them worked, from what I could tell, exactly the same. And all of those results were stellar.  Also, I did not use them in a back-to-back fashion.  All were months apart, so I got to see the transformation. Remarkable, for sure. If any of these 5 LED teeth whitening kits is one that speaks to you, that is great news! You are on the path to a whiter smile, which makes us all feel just a little bit better, I think. Sure, it is def. a vanity thing, but it is also cleaner teeth! If you elect to give any of these fine companies your business, I do recommend nabbing one of the discount codes (linked in the heading of each company, respectively) so you can save as much of your hard-earned money as humaly possible. Combine that with any sales they have going on and you will be in great shape, both financially and with your oral health! We appreciate you reading and we will see you next time. Cheers!